How To Effectively Manage The Social Media Management?

Being present on social networks is good, but effectively managing your presence is better in social media management! Community management today represents a profession in its own right, will you hire a community manager or outsource this skill? On which networks will you deploy your strategy, how will you organize yourself? The answers to all the questions

What Skills To Properly Manage Your Presence On Social Networks?

The profession of community manager has become enormously important in recent years. We also hear about social media management. It is he who will manage your daily presence on social networks, he will develop your community, the number of fans, followers etc. It will post information about your company, share that of your colleagues, respond to comments, etc. Its role is therefore essential. 2 solutions are available to you:

Internally : if you can hire a community manager, don’t hesitate. It is an investment that will allow you to permanently benefit from these specific skills. 

The best Social Media Management

You will also be able to adapt your strategy very reactively and precisely follow the development of your presence. But you need to define the profile you need.

Externally : outsourcing the community management of your company can be an excellent solution. In front of you, you will have professionals who will be able to advise and support you at each stage of your strategy and who will have experience in managing presence on social networks. It is sometimes more reassuring.

5 Tips To Effectively Manage Your Presence On Social Media Management

Presence On Social Networks – Sharing, Like, Comment

Whatever social networks you are going to be present on, whatever solution you have chosen, internally or externally, here are 5 tips to follow to deploy your strategy:

Determine your objectives : what do you expect from your presence on social networks? Gain visibility, sell? Before you start, take the time to reflect on this point to avoid straying from your main goal.

Define your editorial line : what tone will you use, what image do you want to give of your company? The editorial line is, in a way, the identity that you will build or develop on social networks, so take great care.

Organize yourself : start by defining a publication calendar with recurring events, for example, your presence at a trade fair, a professional meeting, etc. This will give you visibility over several months. 

Then, determine the best time to publish on social networks : is your community more present in the morning, in the evening, at the start of the week, at the weekend? Finally, plan a niche in the week when you will only be managing: responses to comments, community development, other pages or accounts to follow etc.

Use the right tools : to help you, do not hesitate to use certain publication tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Agorapulse and many others. You will also discover many monitoring tools, test several and choose the one that suits you best!

Schedule regular follow-up : especially if you work with a social media management. Regular points will allow you to make sure that the mission responds well to the objectives you set yourself at the start and to check that all the elements of your communication plan are well integrated.

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